Do you have a lot of questions about tandem paragliding or paramotor trike but don't have the answers?
Here is the most frequently asked questions and the answers that may help you.

1How long does it take?
The flight duration is about 20min and the whole experience about an hour average for 2 people.
2From where do we start?
We start from Pelekas town with free flying paragliding and landing on the beach or at the take off again and from ropa valley which is near pelekas we start we motorized paragliding landing on the same spot again and the flight route is the same as free flying.
3What do i have to wear/bring?
Normally in the summer time the weather is hot so water, sun cream, normal shoes and light jacket or hoodie.
4Is the flight recorded with camera?
Yes we have gopro camera hero 10 and gopro max 360 camera.
5How can we pay?
You can pay cash or card after the flight.
6What is the minimum weight and maximum?
We can fly tandem from 25kg and max 130kg also depends on the weather conditions.
7Can several people fly at the same time?
No we fly one at a time.
8I have no experience can i fly with you?
Of course yes most of our clients flying for their first time and we accompany them with professionalism and calmness to an unforgettably great flight experience.
9We are a group of 6-12 can we fly?
Yes we can fly and we recommend to fly with the paramotor trike as it will be better for large group as you dont have to wait long time.